Thursday, July 31, 2008


The story is about a family who recently emigrated from China to the United States of America. One day, the family was invited to visit American family for the dinner. Unfortunately, the Chinese family didn't expect that there would be some differences in etiquette between the China and the United States.
I summarised the paragraph where the Chinese family was invited to the American family and what problems did they face there.
The family was invited by their neighbours, the Gleasons. They came to the house, shook hands with their hosts and took a seat on the sofa. Next, the first problem happened. "Do try some of the celery, Mrs. Lin" said Mrs. Gleason. Since it is impolite not to take one, all the members of the Chinese family got ones. The worst thing was that they never used to eat raw celery in China. Anyway they took by one and went to take a seat on the sofa again. Because they never used to eat raw celery, Mrs. Lin tried it first. "Crunch!' "It's not bad!" she whispered. Then dad, the girl, and her brother got ones. They began Crunching. Here comes the problem. Long strings ran through the length of the stalk, and they got caught in the teeth. So, the girl pulled the strings out of the stalk. Z-z-zip, z-z-zip. And four of them began making the noisy sound z-z-zip, z-z-zip, z-z-zip. Unfortunately, they didn't know that in America they never pull the strings out of the stalk. Consequently, there was dead silence in the house, except their z-z-zipping. Everybody were staring at them. But that was not the end of the problems. Later, Mrs. Gleason announced that the dinner is ready and that everybody is invited to the table. The family found that there were no chairs around the table, so they carried some chairs and sat down. The one interesting fact is that, that all other guests just stood there. Mrs. Gleason told them that it was a buffet dinner and that everybody should help his/her self, and eat in the living room.
The family felt their selves so uncomfortable, that they sat on the sofa for the rest of the dinner and couldn't eat anything.


~~G O N G Z A A~~ said...

Nice summary.
Easy to understand.
This family is so funny.
Do u have any similar experience? i don't have that kind of experience.

Ally said...

yes!!! I agree with La,why don't u write some your own experiences?

You wrote so much!!!~~~
Excellent summary!!!~~~


Daniel said...

very good summary.
ha ha!!
but you forgot to write your own exeperience..

Rapida said...

Thank you so much Zhan!

i will do my best; anyway, ur summarize is really good =]

Soni987 said...

What can be the exposition falling action climaz falling action and resollution of this story? Im doin hw on it.. :/

Даня Колесников said...
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Даня Колесников said...

it's not a full summary, so please finish it.

Rodrigo Manzo said...

Very good, but you´re missing the soup slurp at the restaurant.

Fgl said...

oh good sammery i like do more plebz